To the end we shall go.

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Allium the Grandmaster.
Birth name Adelinde.
A wonderful tactician with many doubts. A great magic user opposed to a sword wielder. A love of flowers and herbs, her favorite being rosemary. She struggles with a dark force that continues to plague her mind from time to time. Bit of a hot-blooded girl in the field of battle too.

She'll always do what she can to allow her comrades to emerge victorious in the field of battle.

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Concern (Ephraim | Allium)


It was another late night of working for Ephraim. He hadn’t slept much the previous night, and it looked like this night would be the same. The dim flicker of the candlelight danced across his letter to Carcino’s ambassador, the one he’d redrafted four or five times now to be perfect, just one of the many he still had to work on.

At least he was home. The everpresent chill of Grado Keep was anything but welcome this late at night.

It was far too late for any average visitor, and yet, there was a slow creak of the floorboards near his door and a quiet knock at the door.

"Come in," he called, trying to disguise the fatigue in his voice, though he knew it’d be plain on his face.

Just how long had it been since her last visit through the outrealms? With all that begin to stir in her own world, she needed to be by the side of her own allies. The tactician wished again and again to travel to see those who offered her wisdom and guidance. With the spare moment she had, Allium finally had gotten the chance to come back to Magvel. Specifically to look for a certain king.

As her steps creaked against the floor, she heard his voice respond to the knock. It took her by surprise that he would allow her in so easily, then again…but the sound of his voice he was at it again.

Her voice was soft as she spoke and pushed the door open. “Always the hard worker, aren’t you? Promise you’ve taken a break?” She stepped forward and held out some wildflowers she picked just before her journey.

She smiled.

"It’s been so long."


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A cold winter


Returning the bow with a minute nod of his head the archer replied “I am Innes, a pleasure to meet you” Taking a moment to observe his new company, the archer noted a few details. Most important of these was the large magical tome in her arms indicated proficiency with magic and probably explained how she arrived. Additionally, she appeared to have a small pouch of what looked like tarot cards. Odd, but who am I to judge the equipment of a mage.

Returning to the matter at hand, the archer extended a hand. “I would like to formally welcome you to Frelia. What brings you to our fair country and how exactly did you conjure that mist?”

So it was him. She knew of Innes, if not only from her cards, but history books as well. He was another Tactician she looked up to. Allium returned the greet with a smile and looked at her satchel to her side. “…I’ve come here a few times before. Not sure how many.” She furrowed a brow.

Just how could she explain this sort of travel to him?

"That mist is a way for me to travel. It’s a bit hard to explain….What if I told you it’s a way to hop between time? We call it the outrealms and it gives us chance of passage to see history. I know it sounds far fetched, but I really do mean it."

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A cold winter


Early springtime in Frelia was always a welcome sight, amplifying the natural beauty of its mountains. In fact, Innes was currently gazing out over the landscape from his vantage point in the foothills and considering exactly how he’d be able to convince Forde to paint this beautiful vista Perhaps I should send a messenger to Castle Renais. Better yet, I could visit…  Exhaling happily, the archer walked through the light dusting of snow on the ground back towards his campsite. As he arrived however, a thick, unnatural mist filled the air. The unmistakable shadow of a human form appeared within the fog. “Who goes there?” 

Boots landed on mud as the tactician stepped through the mist. Her eyes closed for just a moment, she could smell spring in the air. Life was all around in the trees and grass. Even with the tiny bit of snow the weather was far more welcoming than the cold of Ylisse. Her eyes opened to a familiar land but this was somewhere she had yet to visit..

Slowly, her head turned to the man who called her out. Wait, she had seen this person hadn’t see? In her collection of cards that showed Tacticians all through the era. She smiled lightly and offered a small bow.


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A cold winter

If there was one thing Allium never found herself enjoying, it was the cold of the winter seasons. The bitter chill nipping at her face, how all life seemed to be frozen around her, and the silence winter seemed to bring. She was one who had a love of flowers, of life itself. Being in such cold only reminded her of thoughts she’d rather not bring up.

The air was cold as she let out a sigh and rubbed gloved hands together. It had been sometime since she last traveled through the outrealms. Being sick for so long does that to you, as well as needing to assist a king. She did not know just where she could go, only if it was away from the damned cold. With her satchel around her side, she would prepare for wherever the journey would take her. 

She only hoped wherever she did go, it wasn’t winter as well for that country.


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Master Seal Winter Festival is now underway!

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With magical lights strung on the houses and trees, it looks like a festival of some sort is underway. It’s up to you whether you’ll stop and enjoy the festivities, try to find out where you are and how you got there, or just take some time to rest and relax.

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